Clinical Chemistry Reagents

A-Z Product List

ProductPackage InsertCode No.MethodRemarks
HbA1c R1Package InsertACT00121Latex TurbidimetricOn request
HbA1c R2Package InsertACT00122Latex TurbidimetricOn request
HDL R1Package InsertACT101-1InhibitionOn request
Package InsertACT101-2InhibitionOn request
LDL R1Package InsertACT102-1InhibitionOn request
LDL R2Package InsertACT102-2InhibitionOn request
MMP-3 R1Package InsertACT301-1Latex TurbidimetricOn request
MMP-3 R2Package InsertACT301-2Latex TurbidimetricOn request
LP(a) R1Package InsertACT205-1Latex TurbidimetricOn request
LP(a) R2Package InsertACT205-2Latex TurbidimetricOn request
Cystatin-C R1Package InsertACT201-1Latex TurbidimetricOn request
Cystatin-C R2Package InsertACT201-2Latex TurbidimetricOn request
Ferritin R1Package InsertACT204-1Latex TurbidimetricOn request
Ferritin R2Package InsertACT204-2Latex TurbidimetricOn request
CRP R1ACT202-1Latex TurbidimetricOn request
CRP R2ACT202-2Latex TurbidimetricOn request
D-Dimer R1ACT203-1Latex TurbidimetricOn request
D-Dimer R2ACT203-2Latex TurbidimetricOn request


Calibrators & Controls

A-Z Product List

ProductPackage InsertCode No.SizeRemarks
Calibrator set for HbA1cPackage InsertACT001230.5ml x5 Concentration LevelsOn request
Control set for HbA1cPackage InsertACT001240.5ml x2 Levels (High & Low)On request
Lipid Calibrator for HDL & LDLPackage InsertACT101/102-32ml vialOn request



A-Z Product List

ProductPackage InsertCode No.MethodRemarks
Serum Collagen IVPackage InsertACTE-001ELISA96 wells
Urinary Collagen IVPackage InsertACTE-002ELISA96 wells
esRAGEACTE-003ELISA96 wells



A-Z Product List

ProductCode No.SizeRemarks
AFPACTA101On request
ß2-MicroglobulinACTA102On request
CA19-9ACTA103On request
CEAACTA104On request
CortisolACTA105On request
C-PeptideACTA106On request
FerritinACTA107On request
FSHACTA108On request
GHACTA109On request
Human IgEACTA110On request
IGF-1ACTA111On request
MicroglobulinACTA112On request
NSEACTA113On request
PIVKA-IIACTA114On request
ProgesteroneACTA115On request
ProlactinACTA116On request
PSAACTA117On request
ReninACTA118On request
SecretinACTA119On request
TSEACTA120On request
T3ACTA121On request
T4ACTA122On request

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